3D Orthodontic Printer

  • Prints 7 arches in as few as 10 minutes

  • Low Cost Resin

  • Much Faster Printing

Models for clear aligner movement appliances

Indirect bonding transfer trays

Accuracy suitable even for crown & bridge

Models for invisible retainers


  • Print multiple sets of multiple patient models in one printing

  • High resolution: as small as approximately 25 micron layers

  • Resolution dependent upon model position geometry, and resin used

  • Much lower cost of maintenance

  • Lower cost for supplies (printing material)

  • Bio-compatible printing material

Accurate & Fast 3D Printing

of Models & Transfer Trays

3D Printing

  • Models for transparent aligner & retainer appliances.

  • Bio-compatible transfer trays for precision bracket placement.

The accuracy of our 3D-printed models results in aligners that fit right.

Incorporate us into your workflow - we can help you with your design & printing needs as flexibly as you like!