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Ortho Share 3D™

Software to help you in many ways

3D IMAGE Organizer

Photos + X-Rays + 3D Data Integrated in One Place

  • Search patient database that includes 2D images, 3D scans, reports, & treatment plans

  • Easily import photos, x-rays, 3D scans of teeth/models, & 3D facial scans

  • Crop, rotate, & align photos

  • ​Arrange photos in multiple layouts such as ABO format

  • ​​Print composite of photos

  • ​​Present slideshow of images

  • ​​Overlay grids on images

  • ​​Automatically saves originals

Ortho Services Portal

Aligner & Brackets Placement Services

  • Seamlessly send your patient's data to us to create a treatment plan based upon your prescription.​

  • ​Enter special instructions that clarify your treatment goals.

  • ​Also from within Ortho Share 3D™, you can review the treatment plan for consistency with the preferences of your patient & your practice.

  • ​​The software provides a realistic simulation of tooth movement for a consult with patients.

  • ​Easily order replacement aligners or retainers when needed.

Want to know how to get great results with treatment plans? A key part is to take great photos!

Reach out to us today to find out what makes a great photo for the purpose of treatment planning, and then let's talk about your options for orthodontic aligner software for your office.


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