Our Services are So Easy to Use!

With Ortho Share 3D™,
just a few steps can 
save you time & money,
while providing high

quality results for your patients.

Easy 1-2-3 Process

   Step 1
   You upload your patient's digital records:

  • Models (digital, plaster, impressions)

  • Patient photos (facial & intraoral)

  • X-rays (ceph & panoramic)

  Step 2
  We build a 3D virtual patient & simulate treatment on the virtual patient. Then we make &      ship the aligners directly to you. 

  Step 3
  You deliver aligners to your patient.

Our system is compatible with all intraoral scanners & desktop scanners that create a standard 3D file.

John C. Pryse, Jr., DDS

Get Turnkey Aligners or

Let Us Help You Make Them In-Office

Quick turnaround
Great prices

Aligners & Retainers


  • All-inclusive end-to-end aligner & retainer fabrication. Or be your own lab for 3D printing & aligner fabrication.  Either way, we can do as little or as much of the process as you want & save your valuable time.


  • Eliminates 90% of doctor time doing treatment & aligner design.


  • Fast turnaround time so you can deliver aligners to your patients quickly.

  • Digital files make it quick & easy to re-make lost aligners & retainers.


  • Scientific & biological treatment planning to place teeth in correct relation to patient’s face & skeleton.


  • Full aligner calculation, staging, attachments, & IPR recommendations.


  • Evaluation of treatment plan for realistic feasibility of treatment.


  • Treat a broad range of cases from minor refinements to complex comprehensive treatment.


  • Includes the benefits of our 150 collective years of experience in orthodontics, orthodontic software, & orthodontic services.

  • Also available: 

​​​                -  Digital Ceph Tracings

               -  Ceph Analyses with variety of reports