Precision Bracket Placement

for Indirect Bonding (IDB) 

Precision Bracket Placement Transfer Trays

  • No more tedious manual methods & materials.

  • We use our system of sophisticated treatment planning software & 3D printers to design & print transfer trays for precision bracket placement.

  • Biologically-based treatment plans are uniquely correct for each patient.

  • Reduced treatment time because precision placement done at the beginning makes rebonding needed less often (if at all).

  • We print transfer trays with bio-compatible materials that are easily cut into sections with a steel disc.

  • Trays hold brackets in perfect positions.

  • Schedule concurrent bonding appointments for multiple patients.

  • Staff can place transfer trays.

  • More efficient use of doctor’s time.​

​​​ -  Zero doctor time for bonding appointments.

 -  Little or no doctor time to finish detailing.