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Realistic Treatment Planning With Your Virtual Patient

Treatment planning software

Ortho Insight 3D®

Powerful Treatment Planning Software

Our biologically-based setups help you understand your patient in-depth, only in minutes before you start treatment. You can measure, analyze, and simulate virtual treatments with ease!

  • Auto Align Function for Fast Aligner Setups

  • No Per Aligner lab fees

  • Gives you total control

  • Easy-to-use

  • Highly precise, Highly Sophisticated set of tools

  • Biologically-based

  • 3D Treatment Simulation

Contact us today to learn more about the Ortho Insight 3D(R) and our other dental treatment planning software systems for your office.




                                                                        Uses Files From Your

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Intraoral Scanner

"With Ortho Insight 3D® , I have experienced significant improvements in our workflow . The software is powerful and gives me the control I want. "

Brian Payne.DDS
Santa Rosa,CA

Brian Payne

Customer Care Plan Renewal

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